Escaping from your Mental Prisons

This powerful 3-hour workshop will help you identify and escape from those mental prisons that are stopping you from reaching your full potential in life and achieving all of your dreams. Mental prisons are those negative and self-defeating mindsets and beliefs that result in dysfunctional behaviors.

EVERYONE in this world is in some type of mental prison—doctors, lawyers, blue collar workers, white collar workers, technology professionals, law enforcement officers, leaders, politicians, companies, departments, organizations, institutions, etc. These mental prisons are part of our human condition and there’s no shame in suffering from them. What’s important is that we’re aware of them and we know how to escape from them. Many people and companies aren’t even aware that they’re in these self-defeating prisons.

This workshop is for both individuals and companies. It will help individuals identify and escape from their mental prisons so they can reach their full potential and become the best versions of themselves. It will help companies grow, innovate, disrupt, and reach their full market potential. It will also improve employee engagement, leadership, clarity, and fulfillment.

It also includes stories, anecdotes, real-life examples, and “apply what you learn” opportunities for participants to identify their mental prisons and use the tools and techniques from this workshop to overcome them.


    • Learn the different types of mental prisons that affect people and companies
    • Learn the origin of these limiting thought processes and how our brains are actually wired to develop and perpetuate them
    • Use cognitive-behavioral methodologies to reframe negative and maladaptive thought patterns into positive, empowering mindsets and attitudes
    • Learn how to disarm that harsh critic that lurks inside our minds
    • Improve employee engagement, leadership, clarity, and fulfillment
    • Build confidence, inner-strength and resilience

Overcoming Bias & Discrimination

This transformative one and a half-hour workshop will help your employees overcome bias and discrimination and promote inclusion. This is an accelerated learning workshop that’s designed to upload a LOT of valuable information into your employees’ brains in a short period of time. It’s perfect for busy employees and leaders who want to learn a lot without having to disrupt their schedules.

Our companies and organizations now depend on a very diverse workforce of men and women from many different backgrounds, cultures, and countries. Your success depends on your ability to find and retain the best and brightest employees from this diverse pool of people.

Bias and discrimination stop companies and organizations from hiring, promoting and retaining the critical talent they need to succeed and stand out in our hyper-competitive work environments. Many companies have added diversity and/or inclusion to their list of company values, but recent statistics show that bias and discrimination continue to plague a very large number of companies.

  • Blacks make up only 3% of employees in the top 75 Silicon Valley tech companies, but they represent about 24% of the workforce in non-tech companies.
  • Only about 40% of startups in the US have at least one woman in the C-suite or on the board of directors.
  • A Harvard Business Review survey revealed that half of all diverse employees (women, ethnic minorities & LGBTQ people) have consistently experienced bias at their workplaces.

Bias and discrimination can also create toxic work environments and result in extremely high legal costs from discrimination lawsuits. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission secured almost a half-billion dollars in 2016 alone for victims of discrimination in US workplaces. Bias and discrimination continue to alienate many talented workers and cause huge problems at even the most successful companies and organizations.

This highly-informative and entertaining workshop will teach your employees and leaders how we develop biases and how we can recognize them and stop them from causing problems in our workplaces.


  • Learn about the neuroscience of bias and why our brains are evolutionarily designed to make us engage in biased thinking
  • Understand how social pressure and psychology lead to biased thinking
  • Understand the economic and employment implications of discrimination
  • Learn about the various types of biases that we regularly engage in and how to recognize them
  • Learn how to hack the brain and harness the power of metacognition and our conscious minds
  • Learn a simple but powerful 4-step process to defeat bias and discrimination
  • Create powerful, deep relationships with others and destroy bias by creating bridges of acceptance
  • Participate in powerful, interactive exercises that will help reveal your biases and increase empathy and compassion
  • Hear powerful, real-life stories that illustrate the power of human connection and our shared human condition
  • Understand the importance of authenticity and inclusion
  • Build a powerful, cohesive and unbiased workforce