Escaping from your Mental Prisons

Date: TBD

This powerful 3-hour workshop will help you identify and escape from those mental prisons that are stopping you from reaching your full potential in life and achieving all of your dreams. Mental prisons are those negative and self-defeating mindsets and beliefs that result in dysfunctional behaviors.

EVERYONE in this world is in some type of mental prison—doctors, lawyers, blue collar workers, white collar workers, technology professionals, law enforcement officers, leaders, politicians, companies, departments, organizations, institutions, etc. These mental prisons are part of our human condition and there’s no shame in suffering from them. What’s important is that we’re aware of them and we know how to escape from them. Many people and companies aren’t even aware that they’re in these self-defeating prisons.

This workshop is for both individuals and companies. It will help individuals identify and escape from their mental prisons so they can reach their full potential and become the best versions of themselves. It will help companies grow, innovate, disrupt, and reach their full market potential. It will also improve employee engagement, leadership, clarity, and fulfillment.

It also includes stories, anecdotes, real-life examples, and “apply what you learn” opportunities for participants to identify their mental prisons and use the tools and techniques from this workshop to overcome them.


    • Learn the different types of mental prisons that affect people and companies
    • Learn the origin of these limiting thought processes and how our brains are actually wired to develop and perpetuate them
    • Use cognitive-behavioral methodologies to reframe negative and maladaptive thought patterns into positive, empowering mindsets and attitudes
    • Learn how to disarm that harsh critic that lurks inside our minds
    • Improve employee engagement, leadership, clarity, and fulfillment
    • Build confidence, inner-strength and resilience