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Life Coaching Packages

Life Discovery Life TransformationValues & Life Purpose
Four 60-minute sessionsExercises + nine 60-minute sessionsExercises + four 60-minute sessions
$440 (save $40)$870 (save $210)$549
We'll take a 360-degree view of your entire life and identify the areas that need to be improved. We'll figure out what means the most to you in life and create a vision of your ideal future. Then we'll determine where you are right now, where you want to be, and how to get you there.This package includes everything in the Discovery Package PLUS the following: 1) Identify your core values 2) Take a deep dive into your cognitive processes to identify and destroy the mental prisons that are holding you back 3) Set big, concrete goals that will allow you to achieve a fulfilling and exciting life 4) Re-program your brain to see new perspectives and implement new strategies so you can move forward with confidence and resilience.Your life purpose defines who you are and what beliefs and actions will give you the most fulfillment, joy and meaning in your life. This in-depth package will help you identify your core values, beliefs, strengths, and your purpose in life. Knowing your purpose will help you choose the career, relationships, hobbies, and activities that will bring you the most satisfaction and excitement in your life. Learn how to use your natural gifts, talents, and strengths to make the biggest impact in the world and feel excited and inspired while you do it.

Business Coaching Packages

Business Coaching Package 1Business Coaching Package 2
Four 60-minute sessionsNine 60-minute sessions
$900 (save $100)$1980 (save $270)
Identify the strengths and values of your company and its leaders. Determine what issues are stopping your team(s) or company from reaching their goals. Use mindfulness, authenticity, empathy, and vulnerability to improve leadership and instill trust in your employees and inspire them to reach higher and put in their best work. Set realistic and measurable goals. Includes everything in Package 1 and also dives deeper into the issues that are stopping your company from achieving its goals and mission. Focuses on interacting with multiple leaders and employees to identify problem areas and solutions.